HHO Generator: Clean, Free Energy

         An HHO generator improves fuel efficiency.  Seventy percent of the energy potential in fuel is lost as heat. One governmental website projects up to 75% improvement in fuel efficiency is possible.

         HHO is a nickname for oxyhydrogen.  HHO acts as a catalyst to improve the fuel burn of gasoline and diesel engines.  An hho generator makes more energy available per gallon of gas used.   More energy is “captured by your vehicle, and less is “thrown away”.   With respect to actual fuel savings, an hho generator provides clean, free energy for your vehicle.  

What Kind Of Generator Is This?

         When one thinks of a generator, one usually thinks of a machine with moving parts.  A generator with moving parts is typically designed to produce electricity.  But an hho generator is a different kind of generator.  These generators have no moving parts. 

         HHO generator kits produce hydrogen gas.  Hydrogen gas is produced by the electrolysis of water.  HHO kits separate water into hydrogen and oxygen gases.  A gallon of water in a reservoir supplies enough hydrogen for a month. The water must be distilled water.  Because so little water is required for operation, the system basically costs next to nothing to operate.

What Kind of Vehicles May Use An HHO Generator?

         Any gasoline or diesel vehicle may save on fuel costs with an hho generator.  However, hybrid vehicles and electric only vehicles cannot benefit from hho.  HHO kits may be installed on cars, pickup trucks, suvs, vans, delivery trucks, box trucks, semi-trucks, boats, and commercial fishing boats with excellent results.  Any gas or diesel engine may be converted to an HHO engine through simple installation of an HHO kit.

How Much Should I Expect To Save On Fuel Costs?

        Fuel savings for vehicles with gasoline engines range between 20% to 50%.  The average fuel saving is about 35%.  Some get more.  Some get less.  However, if you are not getting at least 35% in fuel savings then something in the vehicles system needs fine-tuning.

       After the initial purchase of an hho generator, maintenance costs not much more than a pennies a week.  With proper installation and maintenance, an hho system should last you for many years to come.  Fuel savings over the years can amount to many thousands of dollars.  The more you drive the more you save on fuel costs.

What Is the Best HHO Generator?