Generator HHO | Lowers Fuel Costs

        Generator HHO lowers fuel costs by giving your existing vehicle the very best MPG. The most fuel efficient car, truck, suv, van, and semi-truck has Generator HHO installed. Americans are spending too much on gasoline. New cars with better mileage cost too much. Even a new used car may cost too much.
        But now Generator HHO makes it possible for you to lower your fuel costs, reduce emissions, improve horsepower, and even have a cleaner engine, without having to get a different vehicle to do so. With Generator HHO, the bad economic news meets its match with good news.  Generator HHO makes the best hho generator available to you at the least cost.

Average Fuel Expenses Not Going Down, But Generator HHO Counteracts the Problem

         Consider what is going on. The results of the latest Consumer Expediture Survey demonstrate that Americans are swamped with fuel expenditures. In 2013, the latest completed results are from 2011. These results demonstrate Americans spend on average $3500 in automotive fuel costs annually.

But Generator HHO is pointing to the fuel savings of 20% to 50% through an on demand hydrogen assist system installed on any car, suv, pickup truck, van, box truck, delivery truck, tractor trailer, semi-truck, boat, commercial fishing boat, or marine vessel.

An average commercial truck can easily cost $70,000 in fuel expenses annually. But Generator HHO highlights the fact that an hho kit installed on a diesel semi-truck provides 10% to 15% of fuel savings.

Cars, pickup trucks, vans, and suvs: Generator HHO saves 20% to 50% in fuel costs, year after year, even while increasing horsepower, cleaning your engine, and reducing harmful emissions.

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          Here is a counter-intuitive, fuel saving tip: Put the brakes on the high rate of your fuel expenses, and accelerate your vehicle with the Generator HHO Advantage.

Generator HHO Advantage

          Generator HHO Advantage ensures the best horsepower, MPG, and emissions for your existing car, pickup truck, suv, or semi-truck. And what’s more, engines run more coolly, more cleanly, and need less frequent oil changes with the Generator HHO Advantage.

1. Reduced Emissions (major reductions in harmful emissions)

2. Improved MPG

3. Cleaner Engine

4. Fewer Oil Changes Needed

5. Increased Horsepower

6. Do It Yourself (DIY)– No Mechanic Required–Simple Installation

7. A Complete System With Everything You Need for A Successful Installation

How Generator HHO works

         Generator HHO works by electrolysis to add hydrogen and oxygen, oxyhydrogen, gases to the fuel mix. The oxyhydrogen, also called HHO, both increases the efficiency of the fuel burn and acts as a catalyst to increase the fuel burning efficiency of an engine.

Generator HHO For Sale